Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Sounds of Silence.

Glenn had the reputation of being a "talker." And he was, given the right circumstances, but he was also a very quiet contemplative soul. And sometimes he wasn't even contemplating, he was just in "neutral"... or thinking about cars and trucks, and what color he would choose if he could. Not even kidding right there.

I'm discovering that it must have been ME who was doing all the talking. In fact I've known it for a long time. 

Apparently I was in the habit of "thinking out loud", a concept he never mastered or totally understood. I'm smiling because a few years ago as I spouted my every stream of consciousness, he asked me to let him know when he was supposed to reply. I told him he should just grunt or something to let me know he was listening.

For the first few days and weeks after his death,  I continued my monologue. 

I realized as I went to the grocery today that I am still talking to the person pulling out of the spot really slowwwwlllyy, but I am no longer giving my thoughts voice. 

It's really quiet around here. 

It is the sound of silence.