Monday, July 15, 2013


I am so blessed to have some very wise friends in my life. Very wise. Perhaps my wisest friend is Misty; we often speak in metaphors and analogies, and that is the language of my soul. 

Over a birthday dinner tonight I was telling her that I've reached this place where my emotions aren't so raw- the lead in my stomach has started to dissapate a bit. I don't feel that I need to divulge to everyone  I meet the events of the last month. Maybe it is the beginning of acceptance, and the amazing resiliency of the human spirit.

She likened it to overtime in football. A sport of which I am well acquainted, thanks to being a Derby. :)

Many times a game will end in a tie and the winner is decided in a very emotional overtime. Spirits are on overdrive and everyone is hyperalert. 

That is how it felt in the weeks following Glenn's death. There was an energy,.. to cry out in agony, and to frame every piece of the reality of life around that tragic evening. 

 But that is not how life is. We cannot sustain the energy of overtime. And we shouldn't humans we would extinguish emotionally.

And so life is taking on an "abnormal normalness." 

 Four quarters; a few good plays; a good game.
Real life.