Monday, December 16, 2013

Whisper Words of Wisdom

Six months today. The death certificate would indicate that it is tomorrow, but I was there. I know exactly when it happened- right in front of my eyes. The attempt to revive him lasted long into the 17th, but his essence was already gone before midnight.

Six months has brought me some closure and mostly release of the feeling that I could have done anything to change the outcome. But the pain of his absence is still palpable.

 During these months I have laughed, cried, and done things I never knew I could do while learning how to ask for help.

 I have discovered the power and commitment of friendship and family, and been humbled and amazed by the responses I've received.

I've established new routines and learned how to give up the ones that are still painful.

I adopted Attie and his spirit has breathed new life into this home.

But mostly I think I've discovered a peace in my grief. Sometimes I am still overwhelmed by it, but I'm learning how to stay in the pain until I can breathe again.

I was reminded of this song tonight. I have turned to this song during hardships, many times in my life. It brings me such peace.

Let It Be

And when I feel Glenn speaking to me, this is his message. 
Stop struggling, let it be.

I'm working on it on the journey.