Friday, December 13, 2013

An Abundance of gratitude.

It all started yesterday with an unexpected package in the mail from a far away but close to my heart friend. And it continued today.

A few  weeks ago, my dear friend Misty, who is a far more eloquent and succinct writer than I could ever be, shared a blog about the sheer abundance of blessings in her life, and how most of them were caused by fate rather than merit. 

I get it. Tonight I am humbled and amazed by my blessings. Today, in the midst of a crazy Friday, Misty appeared in my classroom with a bag of gifts. 

Before you can understand this story completely, you must know that for more than six weeks, she has been suffering from debilitating pain due to a herniated disc. She has only been permitted to work minimal hours per week while trying to heal this injury. It has been mentally and physically devastating  for her as she tries to maintain a semblance of normalcy for her family. She has a very full plate of her own right now.

And yet, in the midst of such physical and emotional pain, she managed to think, when she saw my post about putting up a Christmas tree, that there would be no presents for ME under the tree, because there was no one here to buy and wrap anything.  (Dog and cat transactions are still frowned  upon in most retail establishments:). This hurt her and her daughters' hearts and they decided to take action.

So with precious tears in her eyes, she gave me a bag that contained some truly special gifts. They are safely under the tree, awaiting opening on Christmas. 

A couple tags were like getting a sneak peak of what is inside.

"Derbs! I love you to the moon and back!" from Tammy.

From Trudi" I love your sparkle and so much more."

And there are a few from the children of these dear friends. Oh my. Oh my. 

As I put them under the tree tonight, I sobbed. They were not tears of sorrow, but tears of overwhelming gratefulness and love. 

How in the world does "thank you" ever feel like enough? Can anyone ever truly grasp what these gestures mean in these dark days?
Out of such  great pain, such great joy is celebrated on this journey.
I remain astounded.