Thursday, February 13, 2014

Heart Day reflections.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. It was  one of the holidays that Glenn Derby titled, "National Guilt Day" , along with Mother's Day. He resented prescribed days of affection.

My memories of Valentines Day are few. As a child my parents always put a heart shaped box of candy hearts made by Brach's under my pillow. And my most prevalent memory was of the years I got favorite " troll dolls"  at my breakfast spot. 

I'm sure there were various high school affectations, but none stand out. I do remember at St Olaf  knowing that none of the many amassed bouquets in the lobby of the women's  dorm I lived in were for me. It seems I always dated men who didn't believe in over- priced bouquets of  flowers. 

As a parent of young children, it meant frantically making my children write out valentines for every kid in the class, and sometimes creating a cute receptacle. I do remember a truly darling dress I sewed for Emily's  2nd  grade party. And yes, they always got candy hearts and a present at the breakfast table.  I'm glad I did that.

And Grammy is a total loser, because she totally dropped the ball this year. Oops.

There are two memories here though. One was of the year during my sojourn to Bemidji State, where I was working on realizing my dream of obtaining a teaching degree.  This was complicated by the fact that Chris was an 8 th grader, and I refused to spend a night away from home. I had a semester where I needed to leave our home at 5:00 am, and not return until the night class I needed ended at 8:30, so I usually got home about 10 pm. 

That Valentine's  Day I received a beautiful watch when I awoke at 4 am, with a note that said,

"Because it really is your TIME to shine.So proud."

I still cherish the note and the watch.
Before and after that it was a nada holiday. Last year I awoke to find a simple message on our chalkboard. It simply was a heart with Cupid's arrow connecting A and G. I thought it was so sweet I never erased it.

I still smile,when I see it on the journey.